Percy Jackson Club! (Deciding gods now!)


So I agree dead and I'll make a Percy Jackson club/collab
We will make Greek stuff and creatures that aren't real
You will be assigned a Patron a God that represents you
Thanks a lot and please join
1 @EggsOnSaturn1
2 @PercyJackson9
3 @Hades
4 @Paydent12
5 @MYD
6 @Sugarisyummy
7 @Razor
8 @Hermione
9 @SkydivingWalnut



Can I join? I'm a total Percy Jackson Fangirl!


I'm not that into Percy Jackson, but I do like it! @PercyJackson9, what do you think? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes you can join :smiley: anyone can join if there a fan I've watched the movies and reading the books


Love it, after HP but it's good, @PercyJackson welcome to the forum we share the name sake. Could you be my Hopscotch Twin


I am a total fan girl, love it so much


Sure I guess you want to join if not it's ok I can't add you yet I'm too new but here is the collab
Username: GroverUnderwood:D
Password: Born2bfree
Plz sign your name on a project so I can tell


What? I'd love to join, hopscotch user name. Spam likes are your fortune, my birthday is the day before the feast of fortuna


Try @ ing us it will work


Welcome to the forum! I love Percy Jacckson!!


Aw thanks I love you 2


LOl I can't @ u since I'm new


I never read the book once I can I will read it!If I like it I will join(I have the first book)


Okay! Calls evryone member awarding time!???


???? What does that mean I can't quote more than one person on my first day


What, quote me, than I'll get it


I live Percy Jackson, could I join, shoot, is it closed?


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Lol :stuck_out_tongue:


I quoted you alll happy :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: