Peppywafer21's topic for trying out tutorial writing styles


Hi! I decided to make a tutorial using some things I’ve learned by searxching the forum for tutorials, and make it about those things.

This tutorial is based off of @petrichor"s very descriptive tutorials.

You’ll notice I used some lines there. He does this a lot.

He uses a lot of screenshots, then describes them below. He’s very descriptive too.

He usually adds a link to the project featured in the tutorial. (I think)
I find this link useful for experimenting with the project.

Hope this helps! (@petrichor if I had one thing to say about your style, it’d be to try to seem more excited!)


what? is this a tutorial review?


I’m trying to be better at writing tutorials, so I’m trying to see what’s really good about the most descriptive and best ones I can find. :grin: I might do


k. good luck i guess.


A tutorial about tutorials, amazing.


I understand what you mean and I agree. He is awesome at making tutorials!