Pepole are leaving


Who has notesed that tons of pepole are leaving we are losing so many good programes @FoodDelivery to name one :disappointed_relieved:


This isn't nearly as bad as other situations we've had, but, yeah, some treasured programmers are leaving.

Let's all remember them, not because they left, not because of the reason they left, but for their amazing code and projects on this app.


I agere we all will remember them it is still sad to see them go


We should remember them for their amazing coding and the impact they did to the community.


Why they are leaving????:sob:



We will all leave at some point :D


I didn't leave for 3 years and some months! And I am not thinking of leaving! (I am in Hopscotch as old as the app itself)


but when you grow up

your going to leave

you might not think you will, I didn't think I would a month ago
but we all change and we're actually going to move on someday, get lives, and stop wasting our days in this website :D


think about it: the best coders are probably far older than us. makes sense, right?




People will always be coming and going from the forum


I am a not very good coder and I am (probably) the oldest Hopscotcher staying in Hopscotch!