People with the subscription= Leaders/Advantages?


So you know how people that put pictures on their projects and get featured? And they dont don't take much work, and they STILL get featured? Well I'm considering that as an advantage. So, people with the subscription, will they have those advantages, on the forum and hopscotch? Like will they automatically become a member or a leader bc they have the subscription?


I'm not trying to be mean or anything.


Leaders are chosen by the mods, you don't just get automaticly promoted. ;)


The ones on featured with the subscription have code. Take @CreativeCoder's for example. His project was feature worthy, and it had photos. Of course,some people just put pictures of thier hamster, but it won't always be like that. I don't want the subscription, because it takes away some of the work. Let's say I wanted a chair. I could make it and code it out of shapes and trails. But if I had the subscription, I could just take a picture of a chair, and put it in my project. But the difference between the coded chair and the chair picture doesn't matter some much to THT. They will feature feature worthy projects, with pictures or without. Now about leaders, subscription definitely does not matter. Kiwicute doesn't have it. Other mods might not, idk. But you could be the best coder in the world, have the subscription, and not be leader. They could be a horrible former. Really, although it might seem like that being popular affects being leader, I don't think it does. Anyone can be leader, if they are trustworthy and responsible. Wow, I wrote a lot of gibberish.


They won't get the advantage on the forum. Otherwise, lots of people would get the subscription.
Also, the image projects are just to showcase the subscription. There should be better-quality projects soon!