People who you want to join the forum


Okay, so most hops are on the HSF, but there are some who aren't for whatever reason. Just wondering, do you have any friends on HS who you want on the HSF? I was also thinking of working together to get some of those people to join the forum, you know, with projects and ideas. For example: Bladetail​:bow_and_arrow::comet:


I remember bladetail


He's been on HS for so long, but he's still not on HSF.


I want KiritoKitty to join. I think she would be admired a lot. For example, this is her (featured) Project.

Sans & FF4 Creator




Yea, I liked her drawing.


Nods vigorously and can't stop.




i agree tbh she should join already.


Yeah, definitely!
One day they just stopped following me, I wanna know why. ;-;


If cryingLaugh was still on, I would want him to join.


They're on the forum as @KiritoKitteh!



I wish he was on da forum.

And @MemorableChicken :frowning:


My friend uses HS but he's kinda a... what's the word... inexperienced...

I think he should join the forum so that I can get help from u guys! His username is RussellPROfant


He's really inactive because he doesn't have the update and stuff. A lot of us miss him.


Including me.



Agreed. I wonder when he'll be back. :thinking:


Now :000000



I want Shy Girl to join Hopscotch Forum!


@MemorableChicken isn't allowed bc his parents blacked the website.