People Who Need To Be Recognized!


So, guys, this is just me giving a bunch of shoutouts to cool peeps.

@UndertaleTacoz is probably my favorite person on the forum. Jk, I love you all. But UT is awesome. She likes Undertale, all the bands I like, she's funny and kind and has helped me through tought times. Love you, smol bab.

@Waffle_Draws is a verryy good artist, I kinda developed my new style with inspiration from hers. She likes Overwatch (:0) and is uber funny and cool and not to mention the Gayest Gay™

@AvocadoDont is also pretty cooleo. She's funny, and her art is fab, and she likes WTNV (!!!) She's really legit and idk just pretty fantastic in general.

@Huggingfluffybear is amazing. He was (I think) one of the first people I talked to on the forum. At first, I had a bad impression but I was quickly convinced that he was really nice, generous, funny, AND HE LIKES HAMILTON.

@friendship2468 Oh, boy. This makes me sad. She's... She's really nice, and funny, and good at art. Sadly enough, she was banned for eight years. I don't think we'll be seeing her again, but I miss her and hope to someday talk again. Love you too.

@Giraffedolphin26 ACKK!! I can't put into words how much I respect you, you're my role model and a great friend. I'm really lucky to have met you and to be your friend, I wish you lots of luck in high school.

@Rawrbear So, this will be more of an apology than whatever, but I just wanna say it's really nice that I get to know you, even if we don't talk much anymore. I know I wasn't always a good person towards you, but I hope you forgive me. And I hope you remember to save monie for colleg.

@Niftynia75 is super duper nice, funny, and just a cool person in general. I look up to her because she's so kind and chill. I lowkey have no chill. Anyways, love you too.

Alright, peeps! I will be adding more people to the list, but for now... Yeah!


Awesome idea! What will you do about this?


Uhm, what do you mean? These are just shoutouts, no projects yet.


What will you do about theses people? Helping them get reconzied for the great things they do?


This was a really good idea to get people out there at known some more!


@Sparkczy is really kind and gives houtouts to other hops


Well, I'm just putting out why I think they're cool so other people know.

Also I think everyone needs a compliment once in a while


Ok! I'm totally with this idea let me know if you want me to do anything! :grinning:

Edit: I agree theses peeps are cool


Oh, guys, you know what we should do? Go onto anyone's topic and leave a reply giving a compliment. Don't do it yet, we need approval :D

@Liza would this be allowed, or would it be considered going off topic?


One more shoutout!
Shoutout to @Sparkczy for making an awesome shoutout list.:grinning:


Thanks a ton :-D


Anytime, fren.


Don't quote that... It's really weird.


Say whaaaaaaa xD


It's a musical by Lin Manuel Miranda but it implies some bad bad things and so I replaced it. With ducks.


Ohh lol.


What do you mean? You're an awesome person! I wish we could still have Doc talks, but they banned outside communication from Hopscotch ;p;

It's a bad rule, if you ask me :P


I agree about the Docs thing. I still have them, I just never open them. I understand what could go wrong, but it's not fair.

And I dunno, we had some arguements.


Very little ones, if so. We were good anyway. I'm sorry if I insulted you about LGBTQIA+ in any way. I've gotten better since then, don't worry. :slight_smile:


I miss her in a strange way.
Even though friendship and I did not had a very good first impression of each other, I always feel like she is part of our community.
Without her, the community is somehow different.
I miss her...