People who are nice to me!


I love humanity !!!!!! :smiley:

Your welcome :3

Me and someone i don't know are teaming up :D

iReesesCup was here shhhh



Who's this? Is this Ella?


Awesome! :D


At first it said people who are rude to me

Now I'm confused


It's another edit war ಠ`⌒‘ಠ



Thank you, whoever is on and fixing stuff


Does that mean everyone else is mean to you? :stuck_out_tongue:



Just so you know, I realize the post said people who are rude to me, and that you said you wanted to ki.ll me, but he problem is, I haven't talked to you once on the forum. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Please stop

I don't like how everyone is thinking it's me

I created that account but it wasn't me who posted

When I post, I sign it with my name like I said in the rules



It's just your name was separated at the end.

I wasn't accusing just asking out of curiosity.


It's okay

But I have no idea why

I didn't do it

I'm gonna have to figure out how to delete the account


Just change the password and email!


I will but I used a throw away email​:thinking::rolling_eyes:

I'll do it after hockey



I going to email Liza about his acc.


@bluedogmc-official Please don't. I think we have it under control. And it isn't fair to the kids who are using it right

If it gets really bad then u can email


Ok, but this account has already made a lot of bad posts, and community accounts can get pretty bad pretty quick.

I won't email though, because I don't want to be a party pooper that everyone hates....