People Trying to Get Attention!



Have you seen all these people saying, "I GOT HACKED!!" or, "MY FRIEND DIE.D!" or, "I'LL K.ILL MYSELF!!!!!" or even, "I WILL _____ IF YOU DON'T LIKE THIS!!" It is very annoying. I mean, not all of these people are lying, someone may have been hacked or somebody may have been hurt. But lots of times, they just fake it for some reason. Why do these people lie for attention? Can everybody agree to stop this when they see it? Please? And can everybody agree to report them just in case, but never accuse anyone just in case it's REAL? Please? Can everybody agree not to lie for 'fun' or 'attention?' Has anyone else noticed this? Remember, don't accuse in case it's real. Thanks!


I've noticed this. If it's an inappropriate project, I just report it. If it's someone begging for attention, then I don't give them any. A lot of people usually remind them stuff- our community is great like that. And others learn that lying doesn't get them anywhere, so they stop. I wish this would stop all together, but sadly it doesn't. Just don't give them attention. Maybe remind them that this isn't good, but giving them attention will only make then continue.


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Yeah. Also, there have been some real hacking incidents, and some people have gotten hurt badly. So it can be hard to tell what's real and what isn't, and I don't respond in case it's for reals. If it seems fake, I report and I'm done with it.


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Sorry, but this topic cannot go any further. People may talk about the past incidents. This is just giving it more attention. Although I somewhat agree, I do not think this can stay open. Sorry!