People took a project the wrong way:(



Some took my project about less chatting the wrong way and I got hate in remixes that they didn't delete. I don't want people to think of me as a mean or bad person. What should I do now? I was really hurt by some disrespectful and mean comments:( I deleted everything and I just want a fresh start with everyone. I just wanted some people to chat other places, I forgot to mention the forum. Didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings, chatting is ok but in the forum or other is a better place. No offense to anyone:(

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Just kindly tell them to stop chatting (I bet you were kind!) and if they don't listen, report them to the Hopscotch Team!


I will, thank you for responding Kiwicute2016 :slightly_smiling:


Chatting has been a issue since day one and it has gotten worse we can not get everyone to stop( unless there was a storm of reporters!) by the way welcome to the forum!


Thank you:smiley: @Huggingfluffybear


@smishsmash, I can tell from your comments and from how they are written that you are sensitive, conscientious. It's hard to be those things and to interact with lots of people. Welcome to a study in the chaos which is dealing with lots of human beings at once.

You cannot control perceptions. You can only make intuitive or statistically-grounded best guesses as to how people will respond to a given stimulus. And, yes, that's a kind of coding. Learn it. Indeed, master it, and you'll be glad you did! In the mean time, don't let it bother you. Keep being kind, and just have fun as you learn.


Thank you for responding @oio


I don't think you should report to the HS team, I think you can just say to the people ' you can chat in a different place.' But I don't want to be offensive, but, I think you can also say sorry to them

I am so sorry if I am being offensive. : (


If they are causing a problem, and don't stop when you ask them kindly, then the best thing to do is report them to the Hopscotch Team. Those are Liza's own words :wink:.