People think I'm leaving! Stuck in the filter!


Ok... So do any of you remember when I asked if I should change my name and there was that voting thingy? Well, now someone changed the text and said should I quit and leave hopscotch?

Now everyone thinks it was me. So they were saying NOOO don't leave SmileyAlyssa :blush: NOO....

And I just sat there like "what? I never said I was leaving!"

I created messages saying I'm not leaving it's OK, but they got stuck in the filter!

Now people are gossiping about it...


What now?


Oh this stinks how can I help


This is terrible, I believe you, how can we help?


Honestly IDK but umm I would lose my cool but I would confront the person who remixed it and politely ask for them to apologize.


Invite everyone or tell @Liza.


And this is terrible. At least I didn't see it. But anyway, I know after all this fame, you would never leave.


I changed the title so it makes a little more sense :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks! Can you guys see my latest thing after the Hopscotch Forum thingy?




I made some more... Still stuck in the filter! I just said I'm not leaving!


Some more what? I'm so confused!


I wanna see them! @Liza, @SmileyAlyssa is stuck in the filter and I really wanna see her projects ASAP (as soon as possible)! :crying_cat_face:


Projects, @Fifithefunnyflower.


Saw the Hopscotch Forum, @SmileyAlyssa.


It's ok, it's only messages. Oh well. I'm staying, so they will know anyways.


So I know I'm new and all but hello this doesn't sound good at all but anyway :frog:




She is famous! It is definitely not good!


Alright, @staff can you close this topic now? I'm not sure I like it. I'm not leaving. I don't know what's happening in my remixes, but oh well.


I remixed a project saying that u r not leaving and to check the Forum for proof:blush: