People quitting. / work sharing hopscotch


So many people quit hopscotch. This is the place you should tell us who you miss. And a screenshot of some of there cool work.


I miss Yummy Muffin. Her websites were really good (in my opinion).


Me too. But then she came back on a new account, GracefulBluebird :cherry_blossom:. And then she left again. @Yummy__Muffin, @Yummy_Muffin_, apparently she is on the forum.


I knew about her forum accounts, I just wasn't sure whether or not to tag her. :wink:


I didn't know about her forum accounts, but her last posts were in August of 2015.


I miss axlotl their games were so inspiring


I miss...

• Star Girl Studios
@YuxinaYammy (this one was a little hard for me... ;-;)
• Pi Studios
• Hims (Come back! T-T)
@DuckmanTerry (Where'd he go? Did he quit?)



I am using more complicated programming languages now :frowning:


Same. I still use Hopscotch though


I miss @SmilingSnowflakes ;-;




I was just going on some walks and stuff lol


I may join that list​:confused: