People quitting? Message for peeps


So...people are quitting. A lot. Now, I don't know if this a prank (if so, not cool XD), but if not...

We need to accept it.

People come and go. Hopscotchers can't be expected to stay on forever, especially if they have valid reasons why they need to let it go.

Don't let this ruin your day. Adapted from a quote I saw, don't be sad they left, feel happy for all of the awesome memories we had with them. We'd rather have them quit and be happy, and not staying while feeling horrible.

It's alright.



I agree. We have to respect their decisions. It is their choice, we cannot change the present or the past. We can only hope for the future.


Like I said in my other topic
Many good Hopscotchers are planning to leave/are leaving. This is really sad. some of you may support my theory that this is for April's Fools Day. Although, if this isnt true, there is still a chance. A chance for the some other unknown Hopscotchers to fill in their places. You could be the new @Rawrbear! Or maybe you could be the new @Phase_Admin! We can step up and be greater than we ever were. Mural of the story is that as this may be sad, it may offer new chances!


I agree, I think we have to accept their decisions. We can remember all the good memories we had, and try to hope for the future.


I call dibs! Anyways, I agree. We just have to accept it.


PS: I gave you good topic!!


Since, I wrote it.....


Hey I could be the new rawer bear or if not all of us will be famous soon then soon we'll quit it's life



I'm back!! Thank @hansonnoah! :grin:


I'm back too, because of everyone's support!

Special thanks to @HoppingBanana, @Hoppertoscotch and @Dude73 for being so nice!


:blush: You're welcome!


No need to thank me! Everything I said was true. You are an excellent friend, and your the reason a made that massive sentence. I think you are super kind, smart, (and totally deserved that regular). I a. So so so glad you didn't leave! :grinning:


@codingCupcake123 it's all part of being a true friend that was with you from the beginning. We experienced together, so we had to continue together.


I agree 100%!!! :smiley:


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Read This Before Quiting Of Being Noticed
Guys, I don't know what to do anymore

I counted 8, but half were people going on vacation. I completely agree with you!


You're right! But it's really sad people are quitting, we're loosing many hopscotch freinds! Well, I guess it is what it is.


Smiley, this is off topic, but, as you planning on making a new game, if so I'm gonna try to beat you :joy:


I don't think you're the real @Valgo ... You spelled a lot of things wrong...


You're right! Its a fake. The real Valgo on the forum is just Valgo and doesn't have that profile picture so... um...