People quiting Hopscotch!



i found many people quiting hopscotch! the main reason is that they think they are being ignored!
or don't get likes! but no! there is an old Irish saying: the forest will be horrible if no birds sang except the ones who sang the best! translate: Hopscotch will be horrible if the only ones left are the people who are good at Hopscotch!
find an area you are interested in and start HOPSCOTCHING!


Yes! Well said! I have never heard that saying but wow it is true!


I have gotten half of my school including teachers to start hopscotching if people leave others replace it is

the circle of code

I had too plus it is screenshot


BTW if anyone think that they deserves more likes i will do some shoutouts for you!
( like @RollerBlade or @Spicytaco)


I'm not quitting :wink: im coming back next Thursday! yay!


That is one of my favorite sayings. Anyway, where do likes get you?


Not likely we're going to quit. We're addicted.