People losing there spark


A lot of people are saying they're losing there spark!

I'm not one of those people, I will continue to code!

Why do some people feel this way tho?

Here. Give words of encouragement, and talk about why people are losing there spark.

No flame wars!


People lose their sparks since they run out of ideas for whatever reason, or they just don't have the will to code.


Yah, also some people procrastinate a lot, and then get bored!


Some people get other interests that they enjoy more, some run out of ideas, there are many reasons C:


Sometimes hopscotch gets boring

Sometimes hopscotch is a faze

Sometimes hopscotch is a hobby

Sometimes hopscotch is annoying

People lose their spark for many reasons

You have to let them go

If you love me you have to let me goooo


If you think you are "losing your spark", then just open your eyes. Open your eyes and look around you. Look at all of the people, all of the places, and all of the things around you. Everyone flourishes and grows, and we all have things we can improve on and things we are best at. Look deeper. What do you see? I see hundreds of people exploring. I see millions of people investigating. I see thousands of people learning. Knowing is the door to learning. Learning is the key to everything. Life isn't about waiting for something to happen. It's about making something happen. The loss of ideas and inspiration isn't what causes some people to "lose their spark". I think it's the loss of motivation and determination. Before something happens, you have to want it to happen, in my opinion. So, if you've lost your spark, I ask you once again to open your eyes, really look deep within yourself, and ask yourself if this is really the loss of ideas. Is it pressure? Insecurity? Motives? Whatever it may be, I have faith that everyone here has the power and ability to earn back what they lost.

Just some thoughts. :slight_smile:


I'm losing spark because I wasn't active, and I feel like I'm getting bored of it.


Whale, I'm just too lazy. XD

And very unmotivated. ;-;

My iPad makes the update laggy, and it's kind of hard to code.

Ive lost my spark, I can't code anything any more. ;-;

At least one thing goes wrong every time I try to code. ;-;

It's also stress from people who want me to publish and get '____' done in '____' amount of time.

I feel like it's homework every time I code.

I mean, it has the same aspects:

  • Hard to get finished

  • Work, obviously XD

  • A lot of other stuff I forgot. (Because I procrastinate. XD)

Idk, it's just everything that makes me less-willing to code.

It's also getting boring to code for 5-6 people who always remix every single one of my projects with hate.

I'm also very, very thankful for all of the support you've guise have given me. :blush:


People lose their spark because they think they're not good enough, and they dont have enough likes or something and their work doesnt feel appreciated so they feel like they do hard stuff for nothing??
Just a thought


I had a faze where I lost my spark.

It felt terrible.

I wanted to code, but couldn't.

I was stumped, like a stump. Stumps are stuck. I was stuck.

I was a stump.

I had a stump faze.

But it's all good thanks to a random person named Bob.

Jk I just coded something finally.

I don't even know a Bob.

And now I'm back in coding.

Outta da quicksand.

The quicksand had a stump at the bottom of it.

I was almost a stump by a stump.

Okay why am I even saying all this?!

Okay I lost my spark for a month or two but bounced back.

It is possible my peeps who are reading this.


I’m one, but I do have an unfinished project, which I cannot do thanks to the layout I’ll never get used to. IM DA ONLY ONE! :sob:


Sorry, I have to!
Loose means something is not tight. Easy flowing, too!
Lose means to misplace something.
Therefore the correct word to use is 'lose,' not loose.


Im running out of ideas for some reason


I'm sad ;-;

A lot of my frens are loosing spark, when I'm gaining spark ;-;
@EnchantedAnimallover @Maltese


Yeah, when I got featured for my first time, I certainly gained spark, but only for a few weeks. ;-;


Yeah. @Maltese
I'm hoping to keep my spark levels stable, because what game me spark was trying to get featured, now I'll try to get game changers C:


Cool! You'll certainly get it soon.


@Maltese Maybe..
But usually you make a game to get game changers, I haven't made any very good games, but I have some ideas if I don't procrastinate XD




You haven't been using many C:'s recently ;-;
And I've been using them more :0