People for that I do stuff with(if you are not invited to this topic please don't reply)



@PopTart0219, @Hoppertoscotch, @MobCraft, @justanerd, @Rawrbear, @Rodrigo, @CutiesCuties. Please talk here to me if you have questions for stuff. And @Rodrigo, I bet you won't ask questions because you are part of the Hopscotch Team. Only talk about coding problems here, I don't want this to get spammed with messages to me.


Ok! I'll bookmark this for future reference. :smile:


I'm not. They are in New York, US. And I dont live in New York :wink:


Does any one got any ideas to add to my Basket Ball game???? @PopTart0219, @Hoppertoscotch, @MobCraft, @justanerd, @Rawrbear, @Rodrigo, @CutiesCuties.


You can have a character jumping up and in the way of shooting to make it that but harder! How is that for an idea?


I might add that! I will give credit to anyone who gives me an idea and I make it!!!!!


@Phase_Studios remember: gamergirlofgamers, ***not** hoppertoscotch.


Ok @Hoppertoscotch! Thanks for the reminder. If I can fit your idea in I will make it. When you see my game when it is published, you may seem it was quite simple to make it, but when you swipe the ball up it has a lot of math with it to make it run smoothly and make it possible to not make it at times with a random amount of power(where the balls x position).


Hey, I'm making a vaccination game, and you have to vaccinate the city before they all die. So a. What is a good air-Bourne illness? And b. What should I add?


@PopTart0219 maybe some kind of cancer?


Sorry, not cancer. Forgot to mention that. Cancer is a cell-disease that has kinda like cells gone wrong, which take over the body. I'm pretty sure it's not an airborne sickened, and my grandmother had cancer, and :skull: From it :disappointed:


Ummmm.... Some can suddenly just, well, appear in the body. Skin cancer. Reason why we wear sunscreen. That may work.


Hmm, maybe. I have malaria (mosquitos) right now..... Just doesn't seem right, but I don't want to do Ebola.


@PopTart0219 understandable. Just an idea to throw in there.


Ya, thanks :smile_cat:. I'll be searching on the web and listening to TV commercials. (Viagra one on now...)