People famous is better than project quality?


Sorry, I have to make this project because I am now thinking that hopscotchers are now unfair to each other. Why? You've seen @MagmaPOP 'last project' right? Just if you haven't, here's the link
See? It's only a face but over 1400 likes?! Does it worth it? He was famous, but that project wasn't worthy to get 1400+ likes! Plz reply!


Yes, it seems that "famous" people get likes no matter what they post. What determines if somone is famous? Everyone just knows who they are. People think, "Ohhh, that project is from ____! I have to heart their project!!!" I think that it should be based on the quality of the project, not the creator.


I agree!

But liked are something like 'presents'.
If we work hard on projects even though is not that project and other project ,you'll get likes


It's true, however, I'm pretty sure the likes on that projects were others showing their appreciation for MagmaPOP's projects.


Well, it is based on the quality of the project.

People liked that project because they follow MP. They didn't follow him because of that project, they followed him because of his awesome other projects. As a result of those good projects, his leaving project gets likes.


Well said :clap::clap::clap:


Yes! That's right @Madi_Hopscotch_ I also think that people should like the quality more than fame.


You do realize what MP's accomplished?!

He's discovered lots of new things on Hopscotch.

You could even call him the greatest hopscotcher of all time.

That project was his message that he will be leaving, Hopscotch.

The place where he made the whole app better.

Famous Hopscotchers sometimes need to get a message out, not just make good projects. They are human, like you. People like them because they are a fan of them or they understand the message.

It's not really about the project itself, but what tone it conveys, or what message it speaks.




I have experience of used-to-be-popular


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I suppose people feel pity and as a goodbye gift, they give him a like. Many people know him so that's why he has so many likes.


Weirdly enough I was just scrolling through his profile and noticed that he got over 1000 likes on everything :0

But he was/is amazhang and he made some Kopf-blowing projects.

Remember if you see a Hop/project that deserves more attention, share it!


Thats why i dont like trending


that wasn't the case with me even tho I WAS famous a while back now I get like 5 likes


I agree. However, I'm pretty sure the likes show that people like him and probably don't want him to leave.
If I left not many people would care


same with me________


Yes, magmapop has left the app and he's accomplished things not even funky63 could.


True. I've made some super simple projects myself and gotten over 400 likes.

But remember what projects they made before that. MagmaPOP got 1400 likes on that simple project just because he's famous? Yes, but he put in lots of work and lots of quality projects to become famous. His work from before is paying off, and that's why it got so many likes even though it was a simple code.


Well, that's true @SmileyAlyssa, and someone has to be the next '@magmapop' as well! That's how hopsctoch gets people coming and playing with code! Not mentioning by people who's willing to pay...:sweat_smile: so, who's willing to be the next @magmapop? We will vote in the next box. Here are some I know who might be qualified
And so much more! XD