People Drawing Ideas?



I really want to draw people, so... I just don't want to draw random people, I want request on them! Here are the things you need to do to request...

  1. Go to my account on hopscotch ( beautifulbelle123)

  2. Go to my people request project and request there!!!!


Please no hate replies!

Belle <3


Maybe you can draw a modern version of Elsa?


Yes! But what do you mean by modern? And thanks for the request!!!!!


Like more updated, with maybe different clothes. Like Elsa in present day time. :smile:


OK gotcha now​:laughing:

Sorry if I am so weird sometimes...


I just posted it now on my account!


I love it! I liked it in my art account, you will tell it is me becuase it has 73 at the end. :smile:


Thank you for liking it!


Good idea! Can you draw Belle (yes that's my request) from Beauty and the Beast? By the way, I just followed you in hopscotch! XD


Thank you!!!!!!!! And yes I will draw Belle!


I posted it just now! And sorry I forgot it was Tappy so instead I put tap. :grimacing: So I hope you like it so much!


Can you draw a pony? Any type, horn, wings, both, or none? Any looks?


Yah, I can draw one for you!