People being mean, trying to be "leadery" and hurting others' feelings


So I've seen a lot of topics, mainly including newbies, that post a topic like

And other people, trying to be leadery, reply with a flat

This isn't right. I know there has been a "leadership doesn't equal being mean" topic, but I have something besides that to say

People are being flat out mean to others who post off topic things. Wether they're trying to be popular, some leader, or whatever, they reply with something mean. And it should NOT be like this. I know the forum is supposed to be hopscotch related and whatever, but sometimes we can be mean and cruel.

For example, someone posted something like "Help me I'm being bullied" on the forum, and the replies are not what I expected. Instead of a helpful tip, or even a tip and reminder to keep things related, people flat out said, "this is unrelated. Make it related"
Look, I know it has to be all related, but if someone genuinely needs help, we shouldn't just say "this is unrelated". Even if it is unrelated, even if they should take it to a friend, teacher, or some other Internet forum, we should still help them. Even just helping them then giving a gentle reminder is good. But I'm just disappointed in how far we go to keep the rules. It's almost like saying "I can't help you because it's against the rules"
Think about it, do you want our forum to be that way?


:+1: agreed


I agree; I do this sometimes to be popular.

I regret it fully.

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I agree!
There are actually many unwritten rules on Forum.
When I first joined the Forum, I make random topics that are meant to make people happy and entertaining. Once a Forumer said that my topic was "only %20 Hopscotch related"…


I learned about the unwritten rules. But the conclusion was that I can only change myself, not others.


Well said :clap: Every little thing has to be flagged smh

This is a topic to show your favorite projects!

Bob: Help!! There's someone being mean!!

Cookiemonster: That doesn't matter. ALL posts has to be related. Flagged. Ugh.



I think it's good to remind everyone that it's not to hard to be nice! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Plus Happy Aniversery!


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I agree @Ella_13 should really stop


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No need to name call. :wink:


Pretty much
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It's not nice to point someone out
Plus I'm
leadery. I'm the opposite. I actually get mad at ppl for acting like a leader that they aren't

I think @SomeWonder should be nominated for


I never said anything about Ella
Besides, this isn't about her at all. It's about people taking the rules too far and being too mean

In no place did I mention Ella




Yeet he's just doing it cause he saw me call Gilbert out

Im the one who gets mad for ppl being leadery, not the other way around