People are making so many not related to hs topics!


I wanted to say that hsf is a fourm that you can chat (but not make the forum a chatroom!),share projects,and other stuff!
But i have seen lots of not hs related topics and i wanted to say to other people should only make hs related topics and the forum is not just to make random topics so i hope people dont make non hs related topics any more.
This topic is good for new users because you can learn that hsf is not once again for random topics!
So i hope everyone makes regular hs related topics!


Btw please use 'you' instead of u.

It greatly annoys me




And that is sorta off topic!




Its off.

  1. Capitalise a lone i.
  2. Put spaces between ,s


Are you talking about general topics, or the ones where you find your "people,' or just the ones that are like "The Illuminati Cupcake is eating my Potato-toe?"
or all?


Tbh we need to get rid of the potato jokes.
The general topics for a hopscotcher should say since it would be hypocritical.


Like for example i saw a topic that said who is your favorite youtuber
Like those non hs related topics!


Yeah I agree the whole potato thing is annoying on the forum. We're supposed to talk about hopscotch, not starches.


Preach @Paige1212!

I totally agree.


Yeah i agree about the potato thing!




And that politics topic was not even related either


It doesn't have to be entirely Hopscotch related it can be coding or drawing related. Like if your talking about Scratch it's okay because Scratch is coding related.


@emojiarts look at this topic


I agree. It's very annoying.