People are leaving too fast!


So two people are leaving tonight and it's getting out of hand!

Do hopscotch for fun!

Forget about bullys!

Ignore LGBT(don't say anything about that please in this topic)

I am allready going to have a bad night sleep!(and sure you are to!)

And it's crazy so take it step by step an don't rush! If you so want to leave! Or it may be a prank for leaving let's hope! Bye from the fluffy bear.


I agree!


If it's a prank, I might just quit for a while in rage of all this overwheming being a "prank".


Why is there so Much drama going on? Why are so many people leaving? I cri ;-;


I feel your pain. It all happens in one day. Wow. :confused:


IKR I wonder what @LotsaPizza and @OrangeScent1 say when they discover what has happened.:grimacing:


I feel bad for u too because you just come back all happy and then you see al this and ur like :sob::confounded::tired_face::thinking: #helpmeimhyper


Lol you just described my night :joy:


Who are the people that are leaving? @Rawrbear decided he is staying and I don't know anybody else that is leaving..


Spelling police :cop::cop::cop:


Wait @rawrbears staying? Yayayahay Anyways!


@JaggedJeans thankfully they are coming back, @codingCupcake123 was leaving but didn't one second before it was too late. @Phase_Admin from what I know, is only on the forums now.


Yeah so there's not really anyone really leaving.


IKR. And to this I say...
Because they are... This will hopefully calm people down.