People are finding my musically


People are finding my musically and I don't know how .Im not gonna snitch coz I don't mind .They aren't communicating to me .I would have my thing on private otherwise .Its just like a random person following me .I just don't know how they find it


Are they random hopscotchers? Or random people on the internet?

If it's random people you should expect it, happens to me too :)


Hopscotch people's



Do you follow anyone?


It's probably your fault, as you talked to @KayKay through the app. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Did you share your username on the forum? :slight_smile: If so, other forumers might have seen it and found your social media.


No I didn't .I didn't tell them a thing .Murphy found me then told others


Y S I do .


That is not good! I don't have, but I think you can make your account private?


I didn't tell anybody their, I swear.


No you didn't tell anyone mine .U just found it


What no I never found it you liked a bunch of my videos left comments on some of them and then DMed me


Is ur username on the forum the same or similar to the one on musically? Cause if it is then it's not hard to find u.

Edit: u will find that a lot of forumer make there musically username the same as the forum username. I bet 5 $ I could find ur account but I'm not going to


It's the exact same username and I have no idea how they found me


Wait the only person I DMed on musically was a banned person , which means ur friendship?