Pennywise on Hopscotch?!



So I recently just saw a post a couple days ago that someone said they saw a pic of IT on Hopscotch. They actually complained about it and I don’t blame them. How did that get through the filter? There are younger kids on Hopscotch, like seven and eight! At first I wasn’t sure if this person was telling the truth so I looked it up and sure enough… photos of Pennywise. I don’t know who would want to post something like that but… I just think it’s creepy. Let me know what you think of this.


That is worrying. And THT should do something about this. Sadly, THT is a very small team and they can’t get to check every single project, and even a robot can’t always correctly judge each posted photo, if they decide to use a robot. If you find explicit pictures like these, please report the project (by tapping the three dots on the corner of the screen and tapping “Report”), and email THT if it is a serious problem. Thanks for the information!


I also realize you look new to me. I’m rarely on the forum in summer though, but I’m really glad to meet a new hopsocther!


Who posts a penny wise picture on Hopscotch? Remember this is an app for children. So I don’t get who would do that!


As long as hopscotcher’s arms are still intact after viewing the project I think it’s fine.


This looked like one of those clickbait YouTube videos


XD! Why did you expect that?


A Hopscotcher’s arms?


Yea! Like wut m8. Wut did he mean by that?!


Ikr. Why do u keep changing ur profile pic?! For some reason it’s irritating me.


Me? Are you talking to me? Well I like making art so…


Gahhhhh! Just change ur user card. Pls…


you’ll never know…


Lol! Ikr like the universe.


Penny wise in hopscotch? ??!?? (Not clickbait) (gone wrong) (cops called)


Anyway this topic is, however hilarious, stupid.


Kewl. You can leave then. K?


now he p r e g n a n t


A bot would actually be pretty good to have. But you are right, that won’t always work. Google has their “Vision API” that can filter inappropriate things, but I am not sure that it finds scary things inappropriate, sadly.