Penguin's Pixel Page!


I looove making pixel art! This is my pixel art topic where I can share pixel I've made and post upcoming pixel art! You can request basic pixel arts, but you must have a photo of it that is gridded.

Summer Project:

Minecraft Potion: (I made them three projects in three different colors, I don't want to post them all)

Pig Pixel Art:

Enderman Pixel Art:

Sunglasses Emoji:

Minecraft Pickax:




Bookmarked this for future references!


:thumbsup: cool


I'm planning on making a few of these,



That Eiffle Tower one will look awesome!


These are cool pixel arts!


I was going to do it before I went to France but I forgot! :frowning:


Awesome pixel arts, I checked all the links! I already made that cake and duck pixel art lol! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeah, I just found them on the internet. I bet a bunch of people have used those!



I know other people have made them, I was just pointing it out! Obviously you can still make them. Your pixel arts are awesome, senpai!

If you want, feel free to tag me when your pixel arts come out!



I'm still in shock that I'm someone's senpai...


Why are you shocked?

You're so many people's senpai!


I don't know why I'm shocked! On Hopscotch, I feel so...."behind the scenes." I feel a bit more known on the forum. Irl, I'm really bubbly and super social. It's weird.
P.S: I highly doubt I'm anyone else's senpai.


Can I try making the Eiffel Tower one? It's way more lines than I've done, but It's only one color so I might be able to handle it. XD


Sure! You can use any one of them!


Thanks! :D


You can ask questions about my pixel art too!