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Hi! This topic is where you can ask my questions and I'll make random posts if I'm bored! So please! Be the first conversation starter!


Hi! First post! How do you come up with coding ideas?


Hi @PenguinGaming! :D

What is your favorite color?

Edit: Second post! Darn, @LBGT.supporter, you beat me to it! XD


Ummm... I sometimes look on one of my posts, I'm not sure what it's called, but it has a list of ideas so big this if it wasn't in a file, it would be considered spam!


Oh @rawrbear's thingy.


Whoops! ;D







I love blue! There are soo many beautiful shades!


Yay! :DDDD

new friend woot


Sure! Friends!!!!!!!


I agree, but personally, I like purple! :D


Purple is my second favorite and my moms favorite


2 new friends woot

Yay! :D


I'm not sure if this is personal info, but do u 2 live in the us? I do



If my favorite color couldn't be purple, tbh, I would choose blue. :D


I don't consider country or state personal, but city, yes. :0

But hey, everyone has their own opinions!
And yes, I do! :D


Happy birthday Penguin hope you have great gifts and cake!


Hey! I'm #bored! So if anyone wants to talk about stuff... YEAH!


How do you know when it's someone's birthday?