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Here is my general topic! I haven't made one before which is kind of weird considering it's my anniversary today! Yay!
I've been on here for a whole year which is really weird to think about because I also had my appendix removed the day I joined so I guess it's also my appendiversery.
I haven't posted in a really long time so I'll try to be more active. I've just gotten really serious with my travel lacrosse team and I'm trying to join club lacrosse which if anyone plays a sport will know that's difficult.
~PenguinGaming13 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hello! I haven't seen you for a while XD


Happy birthday!
Or anniversary!
Or whatever you celebrate!



I'm trying out for club lacrosse next summer and I'm heckin nervous :joy: I already play box in winter, and state in summer.

I haven't seen u around in awhile!


Cool! You're goalie, right? #MiddiesFTW
I have a little brother and I got him to play lax this year. He's not the most enthusiastic player yet.

I know it's a weird thing to get excited about but I just got a new stick and it's really cool.
Our team got a lot more funding this year so we all got matching tshirts, jackets, rain coats, hoodies, and socks. It's really cool, but my teammates are obsessed and it gets tacky.

Sorry that I gave an extremely detailed explanation that you probably didn't want.


Happy belated anniversary!


Yep, I'm a goalie, #bruiseswillhealsquad

I just got a new stick too, I know how awesome it feels :heart_eyes:

Lol at practice I annoyed my teammates by telling everyone that I stand in the net so much because I am 'goals'


Congratulations on a year! You've definitely been a great friend even though you're not as active as last year (am I wrong?).

I'll try to post in here sometimes!


Did anybody do anything fun for Easter/ Spring Break?


@bluedogmc-official is my most liked, most liked by, and most replied too! Lol


lol that's cool!


Has anybody else tried the unicorn frappacino?
It's mango flavored!


Hey guys and gals!
I’m back. I don’t know if I’m staying but I realized that I’ve been so busy with lacrosse and coding (not just Hopscotch coding) that I haven’t been able to be around to chat with you. I’ll probably be publishing a project in the near future. I still have lacrosse camps and stuff so I won’t be as active as I was previously.
Thanks guys!