PenguinGaming713 Coding Partner!



I'm looking for a coding partner! I really don't have any requirements or a form for people to fill out. I do want someone who is active and wants to be in HS and learn new things. Also, I would prefer if you are a regular because we could put stuff in the lounge to be more private, but it's not required! After I get two or more entries, I'll decide. The first project I would like to make is something related to the Olymipcs because it's going on worldwide!

I know everyone on this list probably already has a coding partner or they are super busy, but I'll post it anyways.




Sorry I am not right material for coding partners.

I am just not experienced and I don't want one.


I'll be your coding partner!im a regular! Would we do a collab? If so, then you might want some one else because I don't like doing collabs a lot!


I kinda have a coding PArTNER al
Ready but I can help u with code, I guess


We could work on projects together, ask for feedback, and ask for help with code if something is confusing!


Ok! I already have a coding partner, and I'm not good with doing projects together, because I procrastinate on my part. I might not be the best help, so I'm resigning my entry! Sry!


Lol, u r like CODINGPARTNERS YAY, then
Actually Nup.


Okay! That's fine!




I am not the best coder, but I am fairly good and I will be your partner if you dont already have one. @PenguinGaming713


Okay! Thanks so much. I'll wait for one more entry, but if not you can be my partner!




Bump! Anybody else?
This topic is so old.


Anybody else? I'm looking for a coding partner.