Pen width? Drawing pad help 2


If you saw my last topic, you know I am making a HUGE drawing pad. I have one specific question. How do I make the trail change with. Like most pads have something like this:
But I can't seem to get the code for this. Any help will be named in the credits


Hey! So what you need to do is create a new value, called "Width", or "Size".
Whenever you leave a trail, put this value in the box.
Make a new ripple for the up arrow. When arrow is presses, increase value width by 1. Do the same for the other arrow, but with increase value by -1.
Then, just adds text box in the middle with the rule: Repeat forever, set text to (Your Value).

Sorry if this is confusing!:sweat_smile:


Thanks! That actually made so much sense! I was trying to figure out the value part, but your explanation made it clearer to understand. Thanks. Look for your name in the credits when I post the pad.


No problem! I can't wait to see it!:wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smile:


Also, you might want to add a rule in the down arrow that says check once if (Your Value) is greater then 0. Put the increase value inside that. That will keep it from going into the negatives.


Will do!


And also a limit on how big it can get say 250 :wink:.


Thanks for all the help!