Peeling banana effect?



Does anyone know how to do a peeling banana effect?

I made this

But it looks weird and the peel get HUGE as you peel the banana

So if you know how to do that, screen shot the code or make a project and post the link.


Ooh good question… I’m not sure how to even start this.

I would guess something along the lines of trails, clones and animation.


@MR.GAM3R do you know how?


This is an interesting animation to make. I don’t know how to do it offhand, but I think the best way would be using dynamic trail art.


I’m not sure how you make it look more realistic, But I know how to make it stop getting bigger. I can fix it for you if you want?


Yes, do fix it




Cool! But the problem is, you can only peel the banana once


How many times do you want? I thought thats what you wanted.

I tried peeling it a second time bug it got too big. Maybe you could make it grow less bigger?


Until the banana has no more peel left




What peel


Umm… the banana peel


I will explain better in a minute or 2


Like, when the peel is at the bottom of the banana. Probably about 3-4 swipes to peel the banana fully.



Try removing the “grow” block. It makes it get too big. Just make it grow once at the start.


But then, the peel stays the same size, so it won’t be the right size at some times


Make it grow a tiny bit?


A bit better I guess

I did this other one

But in that one you can only peel the banana two times and it also looks a bit weird…


I’ve never done anything like this before, but i’ll give it a try :D