Pecan's Art Club


Welcome to my Art Club Topic!
I sent out a poll in the "iPad vs Paper for shading topic, and results came back pretty positive. I’m tagging everyone right now that select either the “sounds cool” box or the “count me in!” box. If you wish to be removed, let me know.
Challenges will probably be bi-weekly, or every other week. This is just a fun, competitive challenge.

Checked "sounds cool"


Checked "count me in!"


Simply to ask to join!




Could I join? :0

I’ve been somewhat busy lately but I’ll try to do the challenges :00000


Can I join too? :DDDDDD


All set, you and @DrCrazyChicken!


Thanks for adding us! :D


@PECANPIE can I be in?


Thank you!! :DDDDD


Of course! Adding you now!