Peach🍑 Comfort Card



There is a user named Peach :peach: . Something really sad happened to her family.

Don't Open This unless You Want to, It's Sad

Her mom and brother well, passed away. And now she's trying to kill herself!

So I decided to make a comfort card, that each of you can sign!
To join the comfort of Peach :peach: Club, where you get to sign the card, just say,
Me sign card.
The only requirement is:
Be caring for Peach and nice and appropriate


Even though this is sad, we shouldn't talk about it this much. Even though I'm older, I'm already having nightmares about it. So let's keep this to a minimum :wink:


@PopTart0219 yeah, but we could comfort her. Just not too far into bloo.d and deat.h and other scary stuff.


As i mentioned on my other account, (follow 4 likes official) we will never know, on the Internet. A great way to respect is to collab a project dedicated to her


That is what this is. A collaboration card for this user.
Please read the first post.


Me sign card.
Peach may be remembered.


@friendship2468 sign this card here
Put a nice message on the card and sign your Hopscotch username.


Me need go bed.
SEEYA later peach. May you rip.



As with the other topic, this shouldn't be talked about. Deat.h is a very serious matter and Hopscotch isn't the place for it. Making cards might only promote this kind of behavior. Let's make this topic (not just on the forums) a low profile!