Paying to keep Hopscotch Running😎


I guess all of you guys are right. Hopscotch does need more money so they could keep their app going. So I guess we should pay for the new features.:expressionless::money_with_wings:


We don't have to get the new features! Instead, we could, alternatively, donate and still keep Hopscotch running!

But it's true that they need lots of money, both for keeping the website up and for keeping the app on the App Store or whatnot.


Or you could go for the free version without some of the features…

Also I don't think you needed to have made another topic…


Most apps either have in-app purchases (pay-per-feature/bringing back paid characters) or a full version, not a subscription.


True...but that's probably what first came into their minds and they liked it.


Also, they need a constant flow of money, and a one-time fee is only for one time and then they don't pay more money.