Paying subscribers: we want your feedback!

Subscribers: fire up your beta editor - we want your feedback!

You might have heard a new version of the beta editor was released for subscribers yesterday. This version contains a major new feature: coding with text strings. :capital_abcd:

Just like a string of numbers, a string of text is just a sequence of letters - and now you can code this text to do a variety of different things. Subscribers with the beta editor turned ON can use text as values in addition to numbers. Now, you’ll be able to switch to the letters keyboard when working with variables and conditionals.

There are also several new blocks:

“Matches”: takes 2 numbers or texts and treats them as strings, testing whether they match
“(Self) Text”: gets the text of your object
“Save Input”: will prompt the user for a text input, and then save it as a variable
“Broadcast Message”: will broadcast a message you define to the other objects in your game
“When I Hear”: will execute when the object “hears” a broadcasted message

These features will allow you to build everything from a simple chatbot to choose-your-own-adventure games - and probably many more things we haven’t even thought of yet! :star_struck:

To create the best possible experience for everyone, the team wants feedback from subscribers who use the beta editor on the new features. So, if you haven’t already, please download the latest update (v3.41.6), make sure your beta editor is turned ON, and share your thoughts on these questions!

  1. Do you understand the general idea of what text strings are, and what you can do with them?
  2. If not, what would be most helpful to your understanding (for example, a video tutorial? Projects with sample code? Something else?)?
  3. Were you able to switch between the numbers and text keyboard? How did this feel?
  4. Do you understand what the new blocks do? If not, which ones aren’t clear to you, and why?
  5. Any other feedback or ideas for us on how to make coding with text strings easy for users?

Looking forward to hearing your input! :smile:


I wish I could help, but I’m not a subscriber


Same here :pensive:


I understand the basic general idea. I’m currently introducing it into a project I’m working on so I can mess around with it and try out new ways


Overall great job! Looks like your postponing my transition to more python than hopscotch lol


Good job @Elizabeth @Nazari @AwesomeOnion @Ana and all the other non active on the forum Hopscotch Team Members for making such an awesome app, and not just letting sit there and make money, but work on it day and night to improve it and help us grow our coding skills. You take the syntax errors so we don’t have to

  1. a) Probably b) Typing username
  2. Video
  3. a) Yes b) very uncomfortable please make the change-to-text button bigger
  4. Yeah all of them
  5. Have text predictions so you don’t misspell any (text string) values\

Also, a suggestion:
Set Prompt block that can change the “Type here” on the usual prompt


Does the text match use regex or something like that?


im gonna try to test it today


Done! Here you go.


I understand, but I also have 3+ years of experience coding in languages that already has text strings (including Python)

As a beginner, video tutorials helped me a lot, and I assume it would be best for people not experienced with this. Also, when you introduce the function to all users, maybe promote some great projects made with the custom text function on Featured?

Editing in more answers soon, realized I wasn’t done


Yep exactly!


I hope this was helpful.


You can do that, use string matches ^yes


Rlly? U sure bout dat?

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Yep. That’ll be true for any string starting with yes. Make sure it’s all lowercase.


So it doesnt work with capital letters?lemme check. Also is ur name pronounced how THT says like petricore, or is it like pet rich or



It can work with capital letters if you include them in the thing. I’m not sure but I think that you can use ^[yY][eE][sS] to get any capitalization of a yes at the start. I feel like there’s an easier way to do that, though.

@Elizabeth you should add a way to change a variable to only lowercase/only uppercase.


Perhaps they could someday extended the HS string functionality to include a Replace block that also excepts regex. Then I believe you should be able to change the first letter in a string, or the first letter of every word in a string to upper/lowercase, or whatever you want.