Paying for new features on Hopscotch


Why should we pay for the new features! I bet lots of people want the new features but they don't want to pay. So please Hopscotch Team. We might do better coding with the features FREE!


The hopscotch team needs money for their company.
That's why we need to pay :wink:

If they can't get money, there will be no hospcotch ;-;
So they let us have special features if we subscribe! :D becuase they need a steady income.

Welcome to the forum! :D


Welcome to the forum!

The Hopscotch Team made subscriptions because they needed a steady source of income. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the fourm!

They need money so they can add better features! They also need to pay for the fourm!


We would have no hopsoctch if it was free.

Hopsoctcu costs money in order to keep running, they need money or else they will go bankrupt and no forum or HS!


But THT needs money to give us those new features. Imagine how much money they spend everyday to keep this app running.


They have done 3 years with out asking for money, they also need some money. BTW their doing an AWESOME job with the update! :smile::+1:


Yeah! I love @Montoya's Pet a doge!


I can't really update the app right now, but I will!


They need money. Without money HS would be deleted forever and we wouldn't have it at all.
Besides I think the idea of making the photos paid is really good because it stops people posting a million pics of memes and makes sure that they will do something legit good with the power :s


Welcome to the forum!

Those guys said it all lol.

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Welcome to the forum!