Paydent12 Q&A! (Is this long enough for you!?)


Ask me questions and Ill answer them. As long as their not personal like what school do you go to and stuff. Also, I won't tell anyone my age 🤐


Try to keep it hopscotch related, or at least a little :wink:


Just like I said to @Snoopy

Glitter Kitty Q & A

Set Indivisibility Percent 100


Person 1: Did you hear about that new game?
Me: What game?
Person 2: Yeah I loved it!
Me: Hello!? What game?
Person 1: That part where his eye popped out was funny!
Me: Oh, that game! I liked the part where they raided the army base. Did anyone else like it?
Person 2: That part was so funny! "Oh no! My eye ball fell out. Hahaha!"
Me: Facepalm
Person 1: Hahaha Hahaha


@Rawrbear This is really off topic, but ive been dieing to ask you this. Do you have Xbox and is your username on there Rawrbear? I swear I saw someone on there with the same name.


I don't have an Xbox, but I have an Xbox account! It's nicktheaweso. :wink:


I am anonymous :smiley: the hacker organization