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you really don’t need this for a whole nother topic.


Why don’t I need it then?


you could just put this in a topic ad tag people, not make a topic, but that’s fine I guess.

and were you planning to change your name here or in HS?


Both here and there

I don’t see why I should put it in another topic if it’s gonna probably be drowned out


You can’t change your name on forum otherwise it would just mess up tags and also you could have put this in your general topic


But what if I didn’t want to? Plus nobody reads mine, soo


What do you mean? There is no possible way to change your name on this account. To change your name on here, the only possible way would be to start a new account. On Hopscotch, you can change your name to anything, as long as that username isn’t taken by someone else.


I knew that, I’m just putting a poll here


I wasn’t trying to start a flame war, I just thought maybe you didn’t know that. But I will leave you alone…


How would that start a flamewar? I don’t get it.