Paw'll Of Fame info and requirements



Hi guys! Welcome to the Paw'll of Fame...

If you are in here you are a upstanding part of the community, and a leader. You have either posted very lovely, inspirational comments, or have made projects that have been favored in the community.

The honors that you can receive in here from lowest (still hard to get) to highest honors rewarded by me, they will be addressed in this can earn all of them...

:+1:Awesome Topic! has made a topic that the community likes and enjoyed, envolves inspirational quotes or awareness of something

:heart:️Loving Hopscotcher. frequently uses kind words, stands up for others, and uses all of their likes without spam liking and has never been suspended

:runner:active hopscotcher is constantly on the forum, reading different types of posts, usually reading 1k posts a day

:bulb:Clever Hopscotcher tends to help others with code, shares their ideas, and has great projects, that meet the requirements of Hopscotch

:telescope: Explorer discovers fun and creative things in the forum and Hopscotch

:paintbrush:Artsy Hopscotcher has made an amazing and great looking project that has creative or special aspects to it.

:amphora:Ancient Hopscotcher has been on Hopscotch for over 3 years

:medal:Star medal has recieved 2 of the awards before entering the stage hall of fame...

:military_medal: Hopscotcher Medal has recieved all badges and has been adopted into the Paw'll of Fame

:trophy: The Personal HOS (Hopscotcher of Sucsess) personally selected by @CrookedCat6519 and has been awarded with possible title.

Get Festive with this challenge!
天上掉下个Lusia (StarryDream Topic II)
The Paw'll of Fame
The Paw'll of Fame

Also, here you can show me if you met one of the requirments by screenshot


I made this topic on my old account:

I think this should enter into "Awesome Topic." :DD


That's a really cool topic, @EnchantedHopscotcher!

This is also a really good idea, @CrookedCat6519! I can't wait to see what other people earn!


Good idea! I can't wait to see what people get! :D


Awesome idea dude:)


Nice topic; I like how you reward people who help out the community and display a number of aspects that make our forum better and better.


I am going to be making the Paw'll of Fame, This is where you show me if you met a badge goal, and learn about the Paw'll


let's surprise malty i nominate her for loving hopscotcher


I don't think I got anything. I don't mind though :)




Here is one my (hopefully) inspirational topics:

There are so many hopscotchers deserving of these awards, we should all get medals!:slight_smile:


Btw @KVJ for active hopscotcher





@SmilingSnowflakes for most loving Hopscotcher !

@dmf for Kindest Hopscotcher and for Explorer !


Wow thanks! (I thought that I'm a game maker XD)


@Silverdolphin, @PandaBlossom, @KVJ, @Madi_Hopscotch_, @FoodDelivery, @SmilingSnowflakes for kindest!


Your welcome!!!! : D


Oh wow !! Thanks a lot !!


My entry to "Awesome Topic":

When tho it is the second H.A.B topic, but I think it's better than the first one!