Patience Test is OUT! Really hard to code



The wait is over....
My patience test is OUT and I give credit to @Liza for pushing it out of the filter (unless it wasn't stuck) so you could like it! Can this get on Trending please? It would make me really happy after al of my hard work!!
Also! @Liza, thanks for the suspension because if you didn't give me it I'd be finishing this a week from now. :joy::joy:. Well, I worked pretty hard on my patience quiz overall and it gives you real results you mag what to hear that you didn't know about yourself.

Thank you!!

-Potter Productions


I love it!
I'm annoying apparently :yum:


Ah. I'm annoying. BUT IM ALSO A WEASLEY TWIN! OHHHHH! Okay yeah the quiz is great.


Can you like it on hopscotch so more people like it fm your favorites and it gets onTrending? I may sound greedy but I kinda deserve it.


It's flashing between annoying to others and don't care... O_o


You're both, that's why....


You do deserve it! Only problem is... I'm not in my real account. But I liked it from the one I'm in now!