Patchin' Up Those Potter-Free Particulars!




Welcome to my exclusive page where I'll post updates about my Hopscotch account, some warnings, and now projects weekly or daily.
If you subscribe to this, you'll get every single Potter Productions moment you can get, and if you follow me on Hopscotch, you'll catch my every project!

To subscribe to this, Watch the topic and tell me if you have subscribed so I can tag you every time there's a new issue.

There's also a series of Quotes and drawings I like to call "Inspirationals," in which I post here and they are inspiring somehow.

Well, I'll see you in the next issue of Patchin' Up Those Potter-Free Particulars!




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Quotes Issue #1

Quote One:
Quote Two:


I'll subscribe! This sounds awesome! You know, I do like HP, read the series twice, first book 4 times.


I subscribed :D


I am watching this topic. :blush:


I want to subscribe! ("Watched" the top)


@friendship2468 I haven't told anyone yet but im obssed with HP ...
Nobody knows :smirk::pensive:
If they did i would drive them crazy talking about HP 24/7

HP4LYFE :slightly_smiling:

I subscribed!!


You can subscribe, to subscribe just start watching the topic

btw I think @friendship2468 is asleep now


Hey, guys!

I forgot to say, my game Which Harry Potter Character Are You? is officially OUT!
You can play it now and like it and remix your results.


I took that quiz and I got Fred and George Weasley which I think is very true :smile:


I got Ginny and my mom got nothing because she took one of everything.


I took the quiz another time and I got nothing, too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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I got...


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Nope... Worst Harry Potter fan ever....


Heh that's kinda funny.

Okay subscribers, I got some new projects for ya!


Replying to old topics, bump bump bump bump


Trail and Text Art Series: Panda Tomato Carrot Deate Eater Mask Cucumber A Flaming Marshmallow A logo for someone who asked for it Watermelon Model Goth Girl Model Fireplace Model of me Sushi Model of @SmileyAlyssa purple and blue bubbles background Awesome colors background Pastel background Dark background Cute colors background HSB DOT ART background