Password Reset! Help!


Either someone logged into my account and hacked it, or I just forgot my password.
My brother let me use his iPad, but now I can't log into Hopscotch!
@Ian, @Alish, @Liza, @Asha, help!
I sent an email but I did not get a reply. :frowning:
Please help!!!!!

  • Is your email a school email?
  • Did you get a conformation email?
  • If your email is school, does it stay in your district only?


Hey @LotsaPizza

It's always best to email us for stuff like this. Check your email for a reset password link!


Looks like @ian just hooked you up with a reset password link! YAY!

Make sure to write your password down in a safe place so you don't forget it again :smile:

Just a heads up that it can take a few hours to respond to your emails cause we're real people answering them. Actually, we're mostly just a real person—@ian—answering them, and he can't answer all of them at once :smile:


Thank you so much. I just got back and I'm very happy that I can be on Hopscotch again! Thank you!