Password Help - Password not working for some reason?

Hello - My son @iamthe is not able to log into his account for some reason. He has a lot of work he is concerned about losing for school and would like to recover his password, or projects, if possible. He does not remember signing up with an email address.

I started to try to create an account with @iamthe as the username but did not activate it for fear of losing his original account work

If you could help us get his @iamthe account (with the projects in it) alive and attached to his email account, we would appreciate it.


Send an email to, The Hopscotch Team can help you reset his password.


So if you logged out and can’t remember your password…
You might have to make a new account. If you try to use the same username, it will not work. The account still exists and can’t be changed if no one can log on. I hope this has been helpful!

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This is probably the first thing that you should do.

You also have to remember this. If no other person can log in to that account, it will still have everything saved when you have recovered the password. Good luck and welcome to the forum. Feel free to ask us here on the forum anything else if you need any more help.

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