Passion or money?! :(


Guys I need your help!! Please comment in English and give me some advice to solve this problem! Well..Next year is my final year in the high school and i have to prepare for my university examination. In my opinion, i wanna work at company that i can easily promote my creative ability and that why i choose Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema. But my mom doesn't think so, she wants me to study at The People's Police Academy in order to have a steady job in the future. But in Vietnam, most female students going to that school are often suitable for a clerical job. She never realizes that the one I want was decent too, and always states that there's no good doing it. Although I understand that she just want good things happening to me, but it's my life, I don't want to get stuck on that boring job everyday. WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW???


Do what you think is best.


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Tell your mom the truth about what you want to do! Also, just to let you know this is a coding forum for kids. :stuck_out_tongue:

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As @KVJ I think you should do what you feel is right or best for you!

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Good luck!


Do what you want! It's your choice!


Do what you want!

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I'd say to do what makes you happy. If acting makes you happy, than go for it! Just explain to your mom that it's what you want to do. If money makes you happier, then by all means, go ahead to The People's Police Academy. Just make sure you can imagine yourself enjoying your job no matter what it is.

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