Pass the Compliment! (forum game) make someone's day!



Good ol' forum game days

In this topic, you have to give a compliment to the person above you. It can be about personality, coding, etc.

I'm going to start. the person who made the topic above this one is awesome!


you are amazing for bumping the topic :stuck_out_tongue:


only if editing brought the topic back up hehehe

i guess i'll just keep on saying stuff to convince yall to come


IHFC's profile picture looks so cute x3


I like your profile picture it is very agarioy


Anonymous is awesome. You say k a lot.


I love @Anonymous's title. Canada is an awesome place!


You are a really helpful and good hopscotcher!


You're a great person.


Tires are very fun :clap:


You're a very great artist


I like your profile gif!


I love you as a person, in general.


your username is lit


Your whole personality is lit


You are lit


You and your whole family is lit.


You, yourself and you are lit :laughing:


you are very very lit


Your profile picture is extremely cute and cool!