Pass-It-On HS Project!



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Pass-It-On Project

So basically, the whole idea is a person starts a story and codes it, and then tags someone, who continues the story in a separate project, and then tags someone else. So by the end, we'll have a long (probably crazy) story in the form of a bunch of HS projects.

(Read the rules!)



  1. You can use forum references (like using forummers as characters) but don't use them in a mean way, or about a flamey topic.
  2. You have to code your story! You can't just write it, sadly. (However, if you don't have access to HS, you could probably get away with just writing it, if you tell me.)
  3. After you've finished with your section, post the link here and tag whoever you want to go next.
  4. A person can only be tagged twice, in the interest of letting lots of different people get a turn.
  5. Even if a person only has done one section, please try to tag someone who hasn't participated.
  6. If you get tagged and don't want to participate, please reply on this topic and say you can't do it. Then the person who originally tagged you can tag someone else.
  7. Please don't end the story if you are one of the first people to go, or if there are a lot of people who want to go and haven't gotten a turn. If the story is ended prematurely, you can code the beginning of a sequel.
  8. Each section is its own project. Otherwise, the original would get really laggy. So be sure to title it (the decided upon title): Part (whatever number).
  9. If you're interested in joining, post below, and I'll add you to this list. If you don't know who to tag, choose someone in the below list and give them a chance.
  10. Please, please don't make a project unless you're tagged. If you do, the story will get all muddled and people might continue the story off the wrong section.
  11. Also, continue the storyline where it left off. Don't randomly start the story off anew or get rid of the characters without an explanation or anything else that doesn't make sense.
  12. Your section can be strange. A lot of things about the forums are a little crazy, so it'll be appropriate if your section's a little crazy too. I know this might mean we end up with a lot of chakins and jumpyduckz, but that's just the forum for ya.

People who would like to join

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Wow, thanks for reading through all that. (If you did. If not, go back and read it!) I hope you like the idea and would like to join. Hopefully this ends up being a huge (and crazy) forum story.


First reply!

Welcome to the Forum!

I follow you on Hopscotch!


Thanks! Nice job with your feature, Run is really cool.



I think we should GBOT (Get Back On Topic). :D


We need to decide on a storyline and a title.
Any ideas?


Let's make the story first!:grinning::stuck_out_tongue::grinning:


Hmm... you're probably right. Let's see where our randomness takes us. :wink:
I think I'll start in the first section, unless there's any objections.


You can use this trick if it's name is blocked:

Real <blah>name

Real name


Hi @Caramel_Puffin!
I'm @KVJ or KomplettverrĂĽcktjunge! Tag me like "@KVJ" anytime!
I believe I know of you… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cool idea


Fu probably isn't supposed to be used if it is blocked.


Oh it's definitely not allowed… •_•


Yes I do but it's abbreviation is that. Please delete that so people who don't know it don't learn it :wink:


Done! I want to name the caricature fuff


Thanks! And fuff is fine! Just don't do the blocked form please!


sounds really fun to do