Pass Along Collabers (Fresh and new!)



Hi everyone! Welcome to Pass Along Collabers! This is an old idea that I’ve decided to continue with.

The idea is a lot like Exquisite Corpse, but with Hopscotch projects:
Everyone is assigned a number. The first person makes a starter for a basic idea of a project that we all vote on. That starter is remixed by a second person, who adds code and such, and this repeats, until we end up with a completely finished project!
If you have any questions, be sure to ask :slight_smile:

Nothing inappropriate or mean
Make variable names easily understandable
Be as active as possible
The first person remixes off of an account called Pass Along Collabers that I’ve created
Add credits for what you added to the project

To Join:
Simply ask! I will probably accept about 15 people maximum.
I will add you to our tag group, @passalongcollabers
If you were previously a member, you have the option to be a moderator — you can help by answering questions and generally running the collab.

Current Members

A link to the account’s first project

How do I start my own coding group?

I’d like to join! This sounds like an awesome idea.


Okay, thanks!
I’ll add you


(Sorry if you got tagged twice)




If you need to, in your post, @WynterDiamond, you could link to HorseLover347’s comment.


Okay, sounds good :slight_smile:


I’m not that good at coding, and I haven’t done it for a while, but I’m fairly decent at some aspects of coding such as pixel and trail art etc? So uhh anyways I’d really love to join if possible!!


Okay, cool! I’ll add you :slight_smile:


Pick me! Pick me! Pick me please!


Okay! I’ll add you!


Have you guys ever read a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story? Basically, every choice you make leads to a different storyline. It might be fun if we could incorporate something like that into Hopscotch. Below is an example of a group project Choose Your Own Adventure (may or may not work with what we are trying to do.)
Here is an example of a blank “decision” tree:


Cool idea! That would be a good way to kinda structure it :slight_smile:


For example: Wynter creates the beginning (let’s say Octo is stuck in a forest.) The options are to go either left or right. PinkCupcake codes what would happen if you go left, and Yusamac codes what would happen if you go right. I could code what happens if you go left and then go forward, someone else could code what happens if you go left and go left again, etc. Just an idea.


That sounds rly cool!! But also kinda complicated
Maybe we could make one with more continuous (?) narratives and a few less options, while still having enough options to keep it interesting and interactive?
For example Octo is stuck in the forest, you can choose to go left or right, and then whichever way you go you can continue for a while without having to make a decision? So that means fewer decisions and a bit easier to code, and we can focus on graphics and the finer details of the coding etc, and a bit less on the making of tons and tons of potential narratives and story lines


I think that, for the first one, we can go kinda simple, like you say, but still kinda following Jedi’s idea. :slight_smile:


Hmm… If there aren’t as much choices, there has to be a lot of interactivity.


Maybe after one or two choices, there is a minigame. Depending on how well you do on the minigame, you get different endings.


Yeah!! I agree w/ both of you im sorry I didn’t really. Type it more clearly but that’s what I meant

!!! that’s a really cool idea


Going to have to go for the rest of today, but I can talk more about this idea later :)