Parttimefemales general topic parttimefemale is realy great she says to herself



i changed it to horse_scary


just love when 80gb downloads are downloading at 2 mb/s


im might try and overclock my cpu with the stock cooler
it’s a ryzen 3 2200g if anyoe cares


im dopwnloading destany 2 (which is 90gb not 80) and im only downloaded about 20gb so far


i did some math and if im right it will take me about 16 hours to fully download destiny 2


i moved the usb wifi adaptor and now its at liike 6 mb/s so thats alot better
it was in the rear io and now its on one of the front ports


whatup i have ten adblockers


got banned from the frotnite subreddit


posted this


just did some math and found out that my steam library is worth a little less than 180 dollars so thats neet
i got most of my games on sale i did not spend that manny real life vbucks on games