Parttimefemales general topic parttimefemale is realy great she says to herself



ive tried to forget about this thank you


we got a new phone boys


Brother gave me flex tape for Christmas


My sister gave me a perfect polly



best thing i got was a microcenter giftcard


Got a new grafics card

It’s a 1050 from msi.
Now I just need a computer to put it in


i get a $10 visa gift card for buying this gpu so that’s neat
i have to like mail msi the receipt and some other stuff


also like why did microcenter give me 3 copies of the receipt?


i geuse it was so i had two copies of it and one to send in for the rebate from msi? idk but its fine i geuse


the wifi is better on my floor which is good cause it’s were my new pc is going to be when i get it
i ordered all the parts already there just being mailed


also if it comes off as me braging about new computer or watever than that is defanitly not my intent i’m just rambaling


got a new mouse with rgb lighting
it’s preaty dope


i’m using it with a laptop and the cord is way to long but thats fine


thanks for moving the topic to the right category @Petrichor


The motherbord I’m getting has a ps/2 connecter on it for some reason


Got me ram and cpu today


like it’s a genuinely interesting religion


This isn’t eaven a joke I’ve been looking through the beliefs and stuff online and it looks like a religion I could get behind


tht be deleteing my coments on satanism


hey i couldnt find u on i n s t a g r am