Parttimefemales general topic parttimefemale is realy great she says to herself



Why must pepole be like this


Hi I’m new to this forum thing and was looking at your topics and i thought you sounded interesting and cool, do you want to be my friend?


Shure! Welcome to the forum if you need any help you can tage me the the @ sighn


Ok! Well happy to meet you @PartTimeFemale.
Can I call you PartTime for short?


Yee i dont mind


Hi, I never new you had a gt!


yee i got one

dont post mutch




It’s perfect I must say.


@sarcastictvhead let me know if it’s bothering you





No, I had MagmaPOP for a day and then your name now.

Who should I do next? I have one more test.



The Hopscotch Team


Oh good idea,


Actually May be to many characters.

The hopscotch team

So 19


Hmm look at their username tho, isn’t it just Hopscotch Team?


Oh wait what,

Let me check


I’m still gona use this for game anoucemets and stuff.

I have something that ima release in 1 to 3 days


Hi long time no talk whats up


Gota get this account aproved lol