Parttimefemales general topic parttimefemale is realy great she says to herself



I mean yeh but iqseams like the kind of thong thats not a good measher but idk


might leave the forum

the comunatys preaty toxic


Two days and i didnt realy leave dang


Trying to get this bad boy up and running



Hmmm why noone ever talk on me gt tho


Helllo. I’m here to tok on yo gt!




New backround


Did you know that TomSka stopped dabbing because Germans might take a weak dab as a Nazi salute?




It shall be mine


Love your kitty and your hair in the top right corner.




Pros and cons of making a weed topic

Pros: today is 420
Dankest day of the year

Cons: would get flaged down fast
Yall probs wouldent get it


pls dont make one thanks


my freinds are all worried about hitle r’s bday than 420 tbh


Hitlers birthday aniverry of colinbine yeh alot of bad stuff hapend on 420.

I mostly made that post as a joke tho


Huh we just went into secure the building

tHAtS sTraNGe


all of my friends think i’m unironically fascist bc i’m intrested in that stuff and this one friend of mine keeps on yelling to be abt hit l ers bday


like seriously not really,