Parttimefemales general topic parttimefemale is realy great she says to herself



Lol no ones on at 9 lol


Lol someones on at 9 lol


That person is me. Hahahha. Ok bye now.


I was refering to AHappyCoder and Healeybot1 but ok


I’m back


Yo gota check my notifs


Im proud if this

Its not complex but it looks cool

me teg list

If u wana join tag me and tell me


It looks really cool! Great job.


Thanks! Its a bunch of clones with a high invisabliaty % spining around on the same spot


I saw that. It kind of reminds me of @ThinBuffalo’s emoji background trick.


Today is a great day to be stabed 25 times in the back by your freinds


Would you like it like this??? Without the white square around it…


? Im confused


I’ll show you in about half an hour


guess who slept nearly all day


I really like that! It is super cool!
Great job!!


I woke up this morning to over 80 notifs like wth


Whats 23x3?


69 [have to put 20 characters]



U can just do <hvjjhbjhbjhvjhvhkvjhvjhb> to fill your charecter limet