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Gun debate tag




Looking for sources but evrythings blocked

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Nearly all websites are blocked on my iPad lol

Gun debate tag


I think this is a good source but i cant read it


I can’t eather lol well I gues this will be a boring debate😕

Gun debate tag



Oh here.
No statistics tho


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Gun debate tag



Well, what kills the people? The guns do. They fire a bullet out of the barrel that hits the person and causes extreme damage to bones and vital organs. Yes, the person is guilty of killing the other person, but they didn’t actually inflict the wounds.

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people…with guns


Swords dont kill pepole pepole kill pepole


If the hand of a human didn’t push that force, the gun wouldn’t have shot.


If guns were banned for the general public like here in New Zealand, there wouldn’t be any mass shootings

Never in my lifetime has a shooting happened here, so clearly something is going right.

Well at least there aren’t metal detectors at school


If the US didn’t allow civilians to have freaking assault rifles


That helps too I guess. I wish they could just ban guns already here


And handguns, concealed weapons

@yaygirls unfortunately the NRA is backing so many republicans the republicans don’t want to go against them


Oh i thought you were being for guns lol